Transkrip Percakapan Wawancara Agnez Mo yang Sedang Viral

RM • Wednesday, 27 Nov 2019 - 07:56 WIB

A : Agnez

K : Kevan Kenney

A : yeah i actually dont have Indonesian blood what's the what's the weather so I'm actually German Japanese Chinese I was just born in Indonesia. and I'm also Christian which is in Indonesia the majority there Muslim so I've always been kind know..I'm not gonna say that felt like I don't belong there because Ive always like you know, thevpeople accept me for who I was but theres always sense like I'm not like everybody else. 

K: she needs perspective

A: And I think it really taught me about how to embrace that , how I'm embrace my vulnerability, how to embrace my differences, how to embrace my cork I ness. you know

K : and I'm sure you're embrace other
and there uniqueness, and I think that's why youre able to speak to some many different people 

A : cuz I thing I don't just wanna relate to the cool kids  you know what I mean, I just feel like I need to relate to people who feel like they're don't belong to whatever community or they're in. I want to be able to tell them hey BTW I'm actually introvert, I'm not used to speaking in public, yet I'm a public figure, yet I have so many followers. so I think  you know how to represent  that is so much important to me than just representing  cool kids. I mean is good to represent them both  but it a good reminder that I cane from a place where I felt like I wasnt quite like everybody else but I still can make it.